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Synergy Green Practices

Synergy Building Services has been in the cleaning industry for more than 17 years providing a variety of services throughout the Puget Sound region.

Our Belief

Our Custodial Team recognizes a sense of responsibility that demands that we fulfill our mission that is earth and human friendly. In keeping with our vision we are dedicated to our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability and establish a protocol for a cleaning program which focuses on cleaning approaches that are consistent and applicable to all facilities and applied to any area. Our policy is to ensure clean facilities by using products responsibly, encompassing not only environmental standards, task schedules and frequencies, which contribute toward the implementation of a total green cleaning program. Also, it is to ensure that our Custodial Team is aware of their responsibility in implementing the policy.

Synergy Green Cleaning Practices

Using environmentally friendly, less-toxic products is just one step in the process of setting up and implementing a successful green cleaning program. How our cleaning staff uses cleaning products and equipment also impacts the program's success.

One of the biggest road blocks to setting up a green cleaning program may be human nature as it can be difficult to change their fixed habits. Fortunately, implementing a green cleaning program does not have to mean a big change in how buildings are maintained and cleaned. In many cases, simple changes in products and practices can make a difference.

Keeping dirt out of the building is a low-effort and low-budget way to support green cleaning efforts. We suggest that building management place a durable welcome mat at all the entryways so occupants and visitors do not track dirt from outside into the lobby area and throughout the building. Double door entryways or foyers can serve the same purpose, although it may mean more effort and expense to reconfigure a building entryway. Less soil in the building means less frequent or intense cleaning is necessary, which means janitors use less chemicals. Daily or spot vacuuming also cleans up dirt before it gets ground in and becomes harder to remove.

We always periodically reinforce initial staff training, to remind our cleaning staff about green cleaning practices. For example, our janitors are taught, either in their training program or through reading the labels on cleaning products, how much cleaning product is needed to remove a particular stain. If training is not reinforced periodically, many janitors may start to use more product than is necessary to clean a stain, thus wasting the product, or use products that are more hazardous or aggressive than is really required for the particular cleaning task at hand.

Switching from products with highly toxic ingredients to ones that are less hazardous is a pollution prevention technique that also protects workers. Some cleaning tasks may necessitate the use of hazardous chemical cleaning products because there are no effective substitutes. In these instances, the best pollution prevention strategy is to properly handle and apply the cleaning product, while ensuring the employee is using adequate personal protective equipment.

Synergy Green Cleaning Procedures & Requirements

  • Use products that meet EPA standards with high post consumer recycled content.
  • Use cleaning products that meet standards comparable to GC-37 and/or products with low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) whenever applicable and available.
  • Conserve water, energy, and other resources while providing a clean, safe, sanitary environment.
  • Use products that are diluted and/or dispensed to appropriate levels, from concentrated delivery system.
  • Improve air quality and to reduce allergens and other asthma triggers from the environment.
  • Standard operating procedures are instituted which include training for employees on products, equipment, and supplies.
  • Supplies and products will be used correctly, that are authorized and that training has been provided in the appropriate.
  • Authorization to use or get only products on the supply list.
  • Monthly Safety Meeting attendance and topic is documented.
  • Aerosol products are not to be used.
  • Educate building occupants of their responsibilities and cooperation that compliment the building and the environment around them.

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