About Synergy Building Services
About Synergy

About Synergy Building Services

Synergy Building Services has been in the cleaning industry for more than 17 years providing a variety of services throughout the Puget Sound region.

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Many companies parade around guaranteeing the best service, but with us, we ask that you look directly to our references that have help build the foundation of our business to what it is today. You will see that we are well-rounded, professional, and one of a kind. For 17 years, we have molded this company into an all inclusive cleaning company. Our staff is made up of experts from all fields; we clean carpet, strip and wax floors, and pressure wash all in house. We only work with the best to deliver the absolute best for our clients. We strongly believe in the foundation of this company to be dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. You will soon see that Synergy is sincerely built on hard work, dedication, and trust. "Luck happens when, preparation meets opportunity."

Synergy Mission:

Here at Synergy, we recognize a sense of responsibility that demands that we fulfill our mission of cleaning that is earth and human friendly. In keeping with our vision we are dedicated to our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, we have established a protocol for a cleaning program which focuses on cleaning approaches that are consistent and applicable to a wide range of facilities and can easily be applied to any area. Our policy is to ensure clean facilities by using products responsibly, encompassing not only environmental standards, task schedules and frequencies, which contribute toward the implementation of a total green cleaning program, but also product knowledge. Here at Synergy we offer each of our customers our absolute best, despite the size of the property. Granted, no one is perfect, but the key to our success has been in our willingness to learn and adapt to the necessary changes that our customers are experiencing. In our industry, being over prepared does not always prepare you for the unexpected. But after years of servicing our customers we find that preparation, planning and reviewing the needs of our customers has helped our business successfully gain and maintain our client's satisfactions and continuous growth in our relationships. Here at Synergy, we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

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Satisfied Clients:

Synergy gave our admistrative staff the opportunity to experience the unsurpassed professionalism they provide. Their customer service is by far some of the best that we have ever experienced.

Kelli Jo Norris Director of Operation. GRE